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BIOGRAPHY: Harvey Snitkin

Harvey Snitkin, a member of the Recording Academy, has been a voting member for the annual “Grammy Awards” since 1987, and is an associate composer of BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) since 1984.  He earned his PhD (Music Education: Supervision and Curriculum Development) and MA (Music Education) at the University of Connecticut and his BME at Hartt College of Music.


In his over 40 years in education Harvey has taught all levels of public school music as well as at the Armed Forces School of Music, Hartt School of Music, Neighborhood School of Music, University of Connecticut, Three Rivers Community College and has coordinated and developed numerous arts education grants.


He served 26 years as Music Director of the Eastern Connecticut Symphony Youth Orchestra.  During that period he also presented hundreds of elementary school programs as leader of the Symphony’s Music-In-the-Schools Trio.                       


He is a two-time recipient of  the Connecticut Songwriters Association’s “Contribution to Education Through Music” Award, and the Eastern Connecticut Symphony’s High Note Award.  He is the author of Practicing For Young Musicians: You Are Your Own Teacher, and the Practice Planner: A Journal of Goals And Progress. Practicing for Young Musicians has also been published in Danish by Borgen Publishers of Denmark.


Harvey has performed with the Eastern Connecticut Symphony, Armed Forces School of Music Faculty Concert Band, Band of Music (Williamsburg, VA), Goodspeed Opera House Pit Orchestra, Dick Pillar Orchestra, Dick Campo Big Band and RBO Music among others.


Of his songs recorded by the Dick Pillar Orchestra and RBO Music, the Dick Pillar recordings of  “No Problem” won the IPA song of the year and “I Just Messed Up Again” appeared on a Grammy Nominated Album. 



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